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Lisanne Winslow on Accessing the Divine Beauty in Nature 🌊 Biologist, Poet, and Pastor | 002

July 27, 2020 Megan Reich Season 1 Episode 2
Art Heals Earth
Lisanne Winslow on Accessing the Divine Beauty in Nature 🌊 Biologist, Poet, and Pastor | 002
Show Notes

Lisanne’s work as a scientist, minister, and poet reflects the intimate intersection between spirituality and the natural world. Lisanne is a biology professor at University of Northwestern St. Paul, a minister with Mendota Heights United Church of Christ, and a published poet. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology and PhD in Cell Biology and Biochemistry, as well as Master’s Degree in Theology and Religion, and a second PhD in Systematic Theology and Divinity. Her scientific and scholarly research work at the convergence of two seemingly disparate disciplines: Biology and Theology.

In this episode, we discuss:

•3:17 - Where Lisanne’s love of nature and spirituality started, and how she was gradually able to integrate these strands
•9:44 – Lisanne’s journey with finding belonging in an academic world where she “asked broader questions than science allowed.”
•13:07 – Lisanne’s new book: pursuing a philosophy of nature through a faith-based perspective
•18:57 – Nature’s inherent value and the concept of teleology
•22:44 – Lisanne’s poetry practice and how it contributes to her connection to nature
•25:58 – Creating connection and community through writing
•27:44 – Learning to go within through meditation
•35:19 – Being in her garden as her daily meditation practice
•37:31 – Lisanne’s work as a marine biologist
•42:36 – The impact of the 2011 Tōhoku tsunami on Lisanne’s research team
•46:49 – A special visit to a church while trapped in Tokyo
•50:17 – Lisanne’s favorite places in the natural world
•54:27 – Advice for people who have many different passions and interests
•57:01 –How art helps deepen Lisanne’s connection with the Earth
•59:26 – A question that Lisanne is asking right now
•1:02:07 – Lisanne shares a poem with us
•1:05:17 – What is giving Lisanne a sense of hope right now

Some of Lisanne's recent writings:
A Trinitarian Theology of Nature
In Praise of Creation (poetry book)

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