Art Heals Earth

Anne Smeets on Earthgazing 👁 Nature Photography | 012

October 26, 2020 Megan Reich Season 1 Episode 12
Art Heals Earth
Anne Smeets on Earthgazing 👁 Nature Photography | 012
Show Notes

Anne Smeets is a visual and performance artist and a researcher based in The Netherlands. At the beginning of the 2020 quarantine, Anne started her nature photography project, Earthgazing. In Anne's words, Earthgazing is about interpreting the natural world, zooming in and out, examining big landscapes that hide in small corners. Inspired by colors, patterns, textures and abstracted images. This project is also an investigation of how photography and abstract visual art can be defined. Anne attempts to move away from clear borders of the medium photography and move towards an abstraction of the medium characteristics. To follow Anne’s project, visit  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Anne’s journey as an artist, the main themes within her work
  • What inspired Anne to start her Earthgazing project, and how it has affected the way she engages with the natural world
  • What Anne finds fascinating in the landscapes of The Netherlands  
  • Some of the different subjects Anne has photographed 
  • The role that nature has played throughout Anne’s life
  • Witnessing seasonal shifts
  • Discovering photography subjects through wandering and stillness
  • How art helps heal Anne’s relationship with the Earth
  • A question Anne is asking right now
  • What gives Anne hope right now

Connect with Anne’s work:

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